Etec vs 4 stroke noise

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Hi Guys, I am about to buy a new boat with a 90HP motor and would like to know if anyone can give me some tips on the choice of manufacturer. O. We combined innovative engineering with advanced reliability and features to make our outboards run clean, stay quiet, and deliver smooth, responsive performance – all while cutting your fuel and maintenance cost Current prices for Inflatable Boats and motors on sale at Defender. If you have not registered because you cannot find a partner,dont worry about it and get registered. The engine requires no break-in on the part of the customer, but there is a break in period that is controlled by the EMM. The cost of 2-cycle oil usage is comparable to the oil change cost for the 4-stroke. . However, now that we have had a chance to sea trial them, we can confirm that this is a totally new range of direct injection two-stroke engines. 5 trimmed out. Most people cry why Evinrude only goes against 4 strokes and basically it is because they are the only one relying on their 2 stroke technology and that it is quiet, fuel efficient, lighter, and simpler to operate, etc. Evinrude 2-Stroke vs of 4-stroke 300-hp outboard engines on Yes an injector of a 4-Stroke is cheaper at $200, but I personally would much rather have the repair bill on a 10 year old ETEC that say leaned out on one cylinder than the cost of replaceing a cylinder head and block on a 4-Stroke that happened to break a timing belt at 5000RPM. four strokes. Ive run a 2011 90hp ETEC with a jet pump for the past 4 seasons on my 1654JRJ after I sold my 60/40 Merc 2 stroke. 2 stroke outboard. Today I am going to tell you about main difference between 2 strokes vs 4 stroke engines. > > Not only is it quieter, it burns cleaner and is more fuel efficient by New Motors. Some one will make a two stroke suited to the tracks that will destroy the four strokes. Boating Magazine examined the popular myth that 4-stroke outboard engines are more fuel efficient than 2-stroke engines. The motors I am looking at are the 40hp Evinrude E-tec and the 40hp Yamaha 4 Stroke Both Tiller steer! The boat is Rated to a max 40hp, 110kg Motor! Yamaha 4 Stroke 40hp is 97kg power trim & tilt. The E-TEC does it all in a smaller package, with fewer moving parts, less maintenance and less weight. E-TEC two-stroke engine and the new-for-2014 ACE 900 four-stroke. I have had 2 Hondas. I have a yamaha 100 4 stroke fuel injection on a Petecraft 17 fast fisher open. when i ride the etec i think i miss my ptek. Motoring First of all, I like my Etec, but I don't think it is the only motor to own by any means. 2016 Ski-Doo Summit X 800R E-TEC Reviews, Prices and Specs. Brooksinct-Thanks for sharing and comparing and contrasting your experiences with, and thoughts about, the 30 etec and 40 yamaha 4 stroke EFI. N. We are finding the 90hp underpowered with the amount of gear we have on board and not really efficient for trolling. Shop Etec Block available to buy now online. Sips gas, runs quiet, jumps on plane. which motor would you go with and why? going on a pontoon for what its worth. Others say get the four stroke, because the etec has sealed crank bearings and is a ticking time bomb. 4 stroke on that motor size The more you read about 4 stroke outboards the more you will hear about Yamaha. Home Forums > 4 Stroke Forum > FX Nytro General Talk > We are no longer supporting TapaTalk as a mobile app for our sites. 8 kgs. In brief, the 2-stroke E-TEC used a hair less gasoline over 5,000 miles, while the 4-stroke Yamaha used less oil, both in quantity and cost. 5 workmate for quite some time. Re: noise difference? 2 stroke vs 4 stroke??? When you ask about the noise of a 2-stroke, you are obviously used to the old traditional loud smoking engines from years gone by. 4-strokes require more maintenance, but no more than your (4-stroke) car. E-TEC vs. Specializing in used 4 stroke outboards and 2 stroke outboard boat motors. The standard REV-XP X seat offers exceptional room, plus much appreciated rear storage. 4-cycle (sometimes referred to as 4-stroke) engines are more akin to what you will find in your car. I will check and post the web site. Then, on a 4-stroke, there a lot more moving parts, which is where the noise comes from at speed, anyway. But despite this great variety between different models, Yamaha's troubleshooting tips remain nearly identical for all of the company's four-stroke outboards. So i guess i better buy up all the nice ones before there gone. With respect to the computer chips question, you have the same worries with any outboard that uses an Engine Management Module (EMM), pretty much all 2-stroke EFIs, all 4-stroke EFIs and all 2-stroke DFIs. Id like to see the 4 stroke boat 70 HP compete with the etec 60 HP on a 1/2 mile course from zero mph. This mixture, which can range from 50:1 to 20:1 depending on the motor, both supplies fuel and lubrication to the motor during operation. Community Poll - 4-Stroke engines are much less powerful 2-Stroke engines. See a side-by-side comparison of these Snowmobile models to help you decide on your next Snowmobile purchase. There is a website I went to that allowed me to get pics off of the card. We take pride in our product and want all owners to have a wonderful experience with theirs. The biggest factor is simple, a 2 stroke making power on every stroke vs the 4 stroke every other. noise level, and environmental cleanliness. Next decisionengine. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke Outboard, Control System 2018 Sportsman/Boatbuilder Dave East tests the raw planing power of a 150-hp Evinrude with a 200-hp Yamaha. Four Stroke I have read up on the Evinrude and it sounds since bombardier bought them and they are using their technology to the motor is pretty bad ass, but it's a 2-stroke that relies on oil to be injected. 1 km/L). Ron from Knapik's Marine, un-hoods a 40 hp Evinrude E-Tec Outboard. Right now if you went into your local marine dealer's shop to purchase 2 stroke oil in the Mercury brand, you will spend north of $40. Looking for a 2 noise and smoke are When Evinrude launched the E-Tec G2 back in 2014, I have to admit, I was a bit RCD II for emissions and noise levels, the other a 4-stroke. Best thing is it was free. 2 stroke - posted in REV-XR / XS Chassis - 4-TEC 1200 Performance and Trail Models: I have 08 800r gade x thinking about switching to the 1200 4 tech looking for the ups and downs of it never owened one kind of shy to please help The ETEC technology is not any older than the 4-stroke technology. My Evinrude E-Tec has a lot more power and torque than an equivalent 4 stroke which means the engine is working less saving fuel. com RC ASP Helicopter Nitro Engine 5cc to 9cc For OS Thunder Tiger YS from thunder tiger 4 stroke engines , source:picclick. BRP points out that the weight of the new motors includes the oil reservoir and steering components, which are not part of the current motors. A 2 stroke is always going to have an inherent torque advantage over a 4 stroke, and for the purposes of this test (moving that big heavy hull on a single) a two stroke is likely superior. The 25 and 30 E-tecs are the same 578 cc and I've been told it's the mapping or amount of fuel and how the fuel is delivered which determines the HP. Absolutely no problems. I know the 800r has bout 33 more HP and is a 2-stroke rather than the 4-stroke of the 1200. The big lesson here is that 2-stroke engines produce twice as many power strokes as a 4-stroke engine does, thereby increasing power output per revolution. Evinrude E-TEC G2 150 H. the Yamaha is a proven motor though I have a yamaha 200 HPDI on a 21' Sea Pro bay boat now that has been problem free for 6 years The noise produced by this 4 stroke leaf blower is around 72 dBA. The impeller and lower unit oil cost for my 1986 Evinrude 2-stroke is the same as my 2008 Mercury 4-stroke. 4 Strokes feel very strong at initial squeeze and take-off but tend to feel flat once underway. 100hr services are necessary for all outboards 2 or 4 stroke this is fact!!! 4 stroke last longer than 2 strokes. Pretty sure an Optimax 150 or 200 would have generated a similar result, or even an old Yamaha 150 or 200 HPDI. A majority of the time the 2 stroke will be a little better on top end and have a higher rate of thrust as compared to a 4 stroke that would have a smooth consistant pull thru the power band. As far as actual power is concern, of course a 40hp is a 40hp regardless, but there are some marine engine "technical geeks" out there that actually argue the 2 stroke engine which fires once every revolution vs the 4 stroke engine which fires once every "other" revolution gives 2 stroke engines a significant power boost. yamaha 70hp 4 stroke motor The Yamaha 70 hp, 60 hp and 50 hp Midrange four strokes are the go-to outboards for family, fishing and fun. How much louder is the Etec? Thanks In 2011 alone, the company featured 10 different four-stroke makes with dozens of different models. But all the newer outboards have several components that could fail, but all seem to be extremely reliable over the older ones. Each had unique engineering specs, power capabilities and intended uses. And yes, there is some maintenance involved, like an annual oil and filter change, but that is hardly a reason to decide against it. Re: 2 stroke seadoo vs 4 stroke ok, from what people are saying it sounds like the 2 strokes are the way to go still. The C-4 saves on fuel, less noise and reduce emissions. First of all, I like my Etec, but I don't think it is the only motor to own by any means. Find out why Mercury OptiMax is the best DI 2 Stroke to buy. Featuring Etec Yamaha on sale here online. I like the DFI 2 strokes over the 4 strokes for the performance the only negative is the bit of extra noise. But not when compared to older carbed 4 strokes, the E-tec walks all over them. Helps prevent deposits, protects against wear, has low smoke, protects against rust and has low aquatic toxicity. almost completely except for E-Tec and 4 strokes both offer compatible fuel economy. Was going that direction but everyone I talk with over the last couple months has at least one ETEC horror to tell me. 4-stroke means lower fuel consumption, lower noise, less pollution, higher weight, higher price. The Etec is about 50 lbs lighter than the Yami and everything I read points to Etec as a motor that will require less maintenance. The ETEC technology is not any older than the 4-stroke technology. I priced up a new Bass cat the other day and if I recall the SHO was like 3k more than the e tec. And where there used to be only one MX Z TNT, for 2014 there are two body style variations and four engine sizes; the refined REV-XR body style houses the four-stroke 1200, and the new REV-XS body style houses the 800R E-TEC engine, the 600 H. Prices I have seen have them very close but the ETEC is lighter and is really a de-tuned 115. My 2 cents. At idle, a 4-stroke is slightly quieter but the G2 surprises people how quiet it is. 200'en var en råtass med snerten lyd, helt ok forbruk (litt usikkert,men greide ned mot 1 l/nm på 24 fots rib ved underkant av 30 knop). Re: 150 HP. e-tec 800r How do these two engines compare to each other as far power, reliability, performance etc. The TapaTalk App has many issues with speed on our server as well as security holes that leave us vulnerable to attacks and spammers. He also swaped out the Etec 150 for the Etec 200 and only gained a small amount of time and speed. I ordered a 2010 Alumacraft Navigator 175 CS - preferred a Mercury 115 4/S but dealer sells Yamaha. , PMR446 - Wikipedia, Used Equipment - USED SCRAPERS, Daytona Twin Tec LLC - TC88A Ignition for 2003-2004 Harley , E-tec vs Yamaha 4-stroke fuel economy. 30hp 2 stroke or etec. This really is an advantage during a day on the water so your ears are not ringing from engine noise after a long run. At a cruise speed of about 28mph all I can hear is water off the hull, the engine in silent. I have it narrowed down to a Honda 90, Suzuki 90/115 or ETEC 115. With the 600 E-TEC re-writing the rules in the 600 class and redefining the 2-stroke engine as we know it, I wanted to see the 800 do the same thing to the 800 class. First Five Minutes of Evinrude E-tec DVD Evinrude E-TEC Sinks Yamaha 4-Stroke. I've used the EB2510 blower which is their lower output C-4 stroke engine. I would rarely have more than 4 people on board, so I think 30 is the way for me. I'm definitely leaning towards the Yammie, I'm not that keen on a Merc. Etec vs. The consensus in the Johnson forum was the ETEC - in the Suzuki forum it was Suzuki - I should've known. 4-strokes I have been doing a little bit of research to see how the more modern 2-strokes compare to 4-strokes. A forum community built to help fellow 4 stroke Yamaha Snowmobile owners with Technical issues, Tuning and Maintenance. The True StoryFour-stroke versus E-TEC Two-stroke In the Beginning The story begins in the mid 1990s when the EPA decided it was time that outboard motor companies start to clean up the exhaust emissions of their motors. 4-liter Evinrude E-TEC. 2 guys and a days gear and it about 25 mph. Lately though I have been thinking back to the old days where we had 150 hp motors pushing 24 ft boats that were much heavier than they are now, so my interest in the new Mercury 150 4 stroke was peaked. Those 4 strokes are too big, heavy and slow. ) Re: 75 Honda v E-Tec Fuel Efficiency and Noise Level Norm I have a 90 etech and recently went on a charter the bloke had a honda 4stroke I think it was a 75. Most importantly, there is a promise of significantly better fuel economy than the Honda. INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is specifically designed for maximum performance in all makes of two-stroke snowmobiles, including Ski-Doo*, Polaris* and Arctic Cat*, helping enthusiasts spend more time riding and less performing maintenance. They are great on big boats in the 200 hp or bigger but I would go with a 2 stroke 90. You Key west is the better boat. Thanks for sharing the E-tec report. 4 strokes do require more maintenance than the 2 strokes, along with more moving parts that could fail. Noise should no longer be a deciding factor in the choice of two vs. Weight - 369 lbs. Evinrude ETEC 90 vs Yahama 150 V6 2Stroke BOAT BOYS Yamaha VF250 SHO VMAX 4-Stroke SOUND CHECK! on 2010 Skeeter ZX250 Bass Boat EVINRUDE E-TEC 450HP FEEL THE POWER Dont reformat the card! Had the same thing happen to me. Submit. Outboard 2010 Engine Test We tested the Dusky 233 18 months after a similar test powered by a 4-stroke 300 from Brand X. We have been with these boats for quite a long time so my review about these motors is from past and present experience. I'm trying to give an honest unbiased comparison from someone who has had both a 2008 Suzuki 115 motor and now a 2012 E-tec 115 on the same boat. I will be getting a 137" grand touring (mostly solo riding with the occasional passenger) Some riders are telling me to get the etc, since the 4 stroke is to heavy. "I asked this same question a few weeks ago. I think that would be a great idea!Cool!I was hoping that we would see rob at at least one of the events. Saltwater Editions use a stainless steel steering tube, steering arm, pivot shaft, drive shaft, prop shaft and fasteners. Con: more weight, Long shaft 70 kg, 154 lbs What is your experience with the etec or the suzuki? suzuki 150 hp 4-stroke 150 hp vs evinrude 150 hp v4 e-tec h. He was all set to go with a Honda 225 4 stroke, when the dealer in Corpus offered up an awesome deal on an Evinrude E-tech 225 Hp including a 7 yr warranty. 00 for a gallon. No doubt, not even a comparision the yami is quiter by a long shot and no smoke or smell. I had twin etec 200 motors on my boat and they were not significantly different from any of the other outboards that my buddys have. People with the highest levels of noise exposure had higher levels of amygdala activity and more inflammation in their arteries. A few examples: Recently I have been reading that Mercury's version of the Yamaha 225 4-stroke is quieter than Yamaha's own version. First, because it is a 2-stroke engine every stroke is a power stroke and that means from 0-to-planing speed it can provide more low-rpm torque than even large displacement 4-stroke engines. The E-Tec accelerates a lot better, and has a better top end, and is less noisy/more pleasing noise at high rpms. Contrary to popular belief about 2 strokes, new Evinrude E-Tecs are cleaner and quieter than four stroke outboard motors, just as fuel efficient and more importantly, have far fewer service 2 stroke vs 4 stroke noise Guys, I have a question regarding noise levels of modern 2 Strokes versus 4 strokes. Etec 30 Hp: proven track record of being a good outboard, no battery, no carb, fuel injection, no maintenance for 3 yrs/300 hrs, 2 stroke. troverman , Apr 23, 2018 Re: 2 stroke seadoo vs 4 stroke ok, from what people are saying it sounds like the 2 strokes are the way to go still. Local mechanic to service to either becomes a much larger factor. 2 stroke vs 4 stroke noise the hull truth boating and , guys, i have a question regarding noise levels of modern 2 strokes versus 4 strokes the general consensus seems to be that at idle 4 strokes make less noise than 2 I made the switch from a 2 stroke to a 4 stroke for one simple reason, noise. Page 1 of 4 - 4 stroke vs. 1 km/L vs 1. then i ride the ptek and wish i was riding the etec. In my opinion it rides as good or better than my 600 did because of the extra 25 lbs or whatever the difference is the truth behind evinrude e-tec and 4-stroke outboard engines Typical 4-stroke components Evinrude E-TEC engine components E-TEC myths leaflet 02/09 24/2/09 11:02 am Page 1 When BRP broke cover with its second generation E-TEC G2 engines last September, we expected a revamped version of its successful first generation E-TEC range. Manufacturer is recommending an ETEC 60 and offering good price. in reality i always have more fun on the etec with less effort. Watch 4 stroke vs 2 stroke Evinrude ETec outboard engine showdown by EvinrudeJohnsonManual on Dailymotion here Home Forums > 4 Stroke Forum > FX Nytro General Talk > We are no longer supporting TapaTalk as a mobile app for our sites. Which one wins? 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke? You be the Judge. The comparisons are necessary. It should have a lot more low end torque than the Suzuki or Honda. After analyzing data, Boating concluded that this claim is simply untrue. Comparing an Etec to an Opti is like comparing a red apple to a green apple , the differences are minimal . The E-TEC is quite, smoke free and easy and less costly to maintain. The working range figures revealed some amazing results. only to go for a 4-stroke A 2 stroke is always going to have an inherent torque advantage over a 4 stroke, and for the purposes of this test (moving that big heavy hull on a single) a two stroke is likely superior. 5)Both are fine motors and comes down to more of a personal choice. ADVANTAGES OF 4 STROKE ENGINE :-More torque :-In general, 4 stroke engines always make extra torque than 2 stroke engine at low RPM. Ordering a skiff and vacillating on engines. MERCURY 75HP 4 STROKE MOTOR has long led the pack in clean, quiet, fuel-efficient outboard power – and now the gap grows even wider. I also think that the resale value will be good when and if you sell it. The weight of the 4 stroke leaf blower without fuel is estimated to be approximately 6. Don't believe all the 4 stroke vs 2 stroke crap. " We spent a considerable amount of time and money letting the public know about this event with radio Evinrude ETec vs Yamaha 4 stroke After shopping around the very best deal from a cost perspective is the ETec 6 cylinder Evinrude. both great sleds but the reality is the ptek is being phased out. I know Neil Andrews built his first Tolman skiff with cabin with a 50 HP 4 stroke Honda. When the industry was taking a turn towards 4 stroke development and the eventual demise of the 2 stroke the Etec came along and proved that the 2 stroke platform was still viable and could be made better. 600 ETEC vs 600 ACE HP just saw the ACE was a 4 stroke, thought they both were 2 strokes, so won't even be close Expect 120 hp from the Etec and 60 hp from 2-Stroke vs 4-stroke Engine Preference Survey . He has the Yamaha in stock, and quoted same price for the Mercury but the Merc is backordered for about a month. E Tec. Serial number 05193089. This means that the Evinrude E-TEC G2 250 is able to accelerate faster and give quick, low-end torque in a much lighter overall package. 4-Stroke Outboard Motor Vs a 2-Stroke Outboards. P. o 150 hp. New Mercury 4-Stroke outboards - Tomorrows the big official press release but there are already a few vids out there showing what's up. They chose to go with different simpler injection technology than other injected 2-strokes, and seem to have fewer injection problems/failures as a result. 50hp Honda 4-stroke I'm going to be buying a boat and wanted to put a Honda 50 on it. And the 4 stroke was about $1k more than the etec. The Evinrude E-TEC is the only quiet 2-stroke on the market today and it does not smoke. any thoughts on the Etec. If you can believe the performance test on the 09 90hp Suzuki nothing comes close. it 30hp etec v yamaha 4 stroke will have good resale and makes very little noise and the other is an E-Tec . You can use an alternate al long as one registered team member is present at each event. Evinrude E-TEC 300 H. The 600 ETEC features the Ski-Doo/Rotax pioneered push button electronic reverse and there is a conventional mechanical reverse on the 1200 4TEC four-stroke. If you absolutely want/need a 60 horse, then the ETEC is your only choice. check what pros and coastgaurd use I haven't seen anything but suzi's or yamahas in my region there will be a reason for this. I have a G1 E-Tec on a 22' Whaler, and the noise level is fantastic. Yamaha and Mercury 4-Strokes Isn’t that the E-Tec thing? 2 stroke power without 2 stroke stink and noise (aka 4 stroke noise and smell If we were to compare a 115hp Etec v 115hp Yamaha 4 stroke on the same boat ( fibreglass or Ali ) over a 5 year period, each doing 100 hrs each per year and having 1 service ( except the etec of course ) - which owner would have more money to spend on our accessory sports called - " fishing/diving/boating ". While Evinrude's website claims less weight than 4 strokes, I found that the models they are comparing to are not current models and the only one that is even close in weight is the 30 (and not that close) While I understand their somewhat deceptive tactics in marketing against competitors, I don't Specializing in used 4 stroke outboards and 2 stroke outboard boat motors. Re: ETEC vs PTEC Stock for stock I would take my Etec over my Ptek. Mercury OptiMax is the best DI 2 Stroke to buy. Like I said before remove the displacement limit from the pro classes and see what happens. vs. Between the Honda and Yamaha and Suzuki, the noise level is about the same. We all heard about both of these engines but few of us know the basic differences between them. REPORT AS ABUSE Post Your Comment 5/18/15 @ 3:19 PM Evinrude E-TEC Saltwater Editions fit the bill with virtually indestructible stainless steel parts and extensive DeepGuard corrosion protection. I prefer the E-Tec (on my 4th one) for its light weight, minimal maintenance, and two stroke torque. If I had a bay boat, I would have given more consideration to 4-stroke power by Yamaha and Suzuki. 2 stroke - posted in REV-XR / XS Chassis - 4-TEC 1200 Performance and Trail Models: I have 08 800r gade x thinking about switching to the 1200 4 tech looking for the ups and downs of it never owened one kind of shy to please help They are not as quiet as a 4-stroke, and no more noise than an e-tec. 4-stroke motors also Mercury 150 4 Stroke Outboard The Mercury 150 4 stroke has not been in my market for years. The other engines you mention are good engines as well. (This compares the oil used for oil changes in the Yamaha vs. They show up around the world, everywhere. The dealer, since they deal evinrude was trying to get me to go with the 50 e-tec. Comparable Mercury and Yamaha 4-strokes weigh 583 pounds, Honda’s BF225 4-stroke weighs 599 pounds, and the Mercury Verado 225 weighs in at 649 pounds. I have been considering an e-tec and looked into a lot of performance bulletins and specs. Looking at the 2013 25hp E-tec, 25hp Merc 4-stroke, and possibly the Honda 4-stroke. The tracks are built to give the 450 4 stroke and advantage over a 250 two stroke. If you are looking for a slow quite ‘trolling’ type of ride in a small boat, a 4-stroke outboard motor is the one you will want. My road test of the new motor is included in the video below but first I would first like to bust a few myths ; Not exactly the same motors, but I still regret replacing an E-Tec 40 with a Honda 50 EFI. I doubt that I will ever switch. TLDI ® (Two stroke Low pressure Direct Injection) is a powerful direct fuel injection system that reduces emissions over conventional carbureted 2-stroke motors while also greatly increasing fuel and oil economy. 4)Cost of Yamaha oil changes vs using HD100 @ the proper setting in Etec was comparable. At 70 horses, Tohatsu's TLDI comes into the picture and at 75, the Merc Opti. So, if you are open to owning a DFI 2 stroke I wouldn't even consider a 4 stroke. TWO-STROKE - The new 90 H. Between the 90 ETEC and Suzuki 90 4S, I would take the ETEC 90 HO. Although 2 stroked ones give higher torque at higher RPM but it has a lot to do with fuel efficiency. E-Tec 101. E-Tec and 4 strokes both offer compatible fuel economy. I have an e-tec 60HP, ive ridden in the same HP 4 strokes and the power of the e-tec was way better than the 4 stroke's! sadley I now are having an electrical gremlin causing me pain! G'day all, Buying a much needed new motor for the boat this year and would appreciate some insight. . I am looking at putting one of these on my new basscat sabre!!!! I cant decide between the 150 etec ho or the 175 hp etec, what about comparing these to 150 proxs or the 175 optimax motors I have never ran a evinrude, but from what i hear these motors are very strong and have not been in the spotlight for problems!!!!! 2-cycle (sometimes referred to as 2-stroke) engines are typically thought of as those motors which accept a pre-mixed gas-oil mixture. Plus the fact that you're looking at the 150hp range- that particular F150 is one of the best, most reliable in the Yamaha line to boot! blackdiamond296 , Clean Used 2007 Evinrude 115 HP ETec V4 2 Stroke DFI Saltwater Edition 20" Outboard Motor. Do you have any examples of the cost to rebuild a 2 stroke vs a 4 stroke of similar engines? My focus is aimed more at logevity and affordability. In my opinion fuel injection is always better in every respect. Evinrude is changing the industry by offering a completely unique and custom E-TEC motor. mercury 90 4 stroke vs etec 90hp Hard to trust either of them, so I'm asking the experts here what they think. 2006 evinrude e tech 60 hp 4 stroke if the motor is a 2006 evinrude etec, its not a 4 stroke etec motors are 2 stroke only, and as far as i know, 4 stroke motors are no longer being made under the evinrude name. Both the Evinrude E-TEC G2 and a 4-stroke are very quiet motors compared to the old technology of years ago. Etec vs 4 stroke Have been looking at upgrading my 90hp 2 stroke yammy on my 5. Yamaha 4stroke outboard vs Evinrude 2stroke Etec Full Performance Marine (w/ 2 x 300-hp Evinrude E-TEC G2 Tip of the Week: 2-stroke vs. To put it simply, the 200hp E-TEC G2 outboard motor is capable of travelling nearly twice the distance of the G1 on a litre of fuel in the working rev range (up to 2. the Yamaha is a proven motor though I have a yamaha 200 HPDI on a 21' Sea Pro bay boat now that has been problem free for 6 years L. I gathered performance data on two engines – a Mariner Optimax 75 hp (two-stroke) and a Honda BF75 (four-stroke) from the web-sites of the manufacturers (I chose the Optimax because that is favorite this post Oct 13 2017 Veranda V2270 - PT - VS SERIES W/ Yamaha F90LA 4-Stroke (aug > Appling, Georgia - Clarks Hill Lake) pic map hide this posting restore restore this posting $16500 favorite this post Oct 23 2007 Bennington 2275FSI $16500 (aug > Gilbert) pic map hide this posting restore restore this posting 600 will be fine for you, and will be less maintenance than the 4 stroke. I am leaning towards the ETEC. Add oil and gas to the etec and ride it for 10,000 miles. E-TEC is yelling loud and clear that one must not go to a 4 stroke for those benefits. Hi, I am a student in college and I am conducting a research assignment for a technical reporting class about 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Get the latest Ski-Doo Summit X 800R E-TEC reviews, and 2016 Ski-Doo Summit X 800R E-TEC prices and specifications. 200 Mercury black max. The E-tec and EFI 4strokes are very close when it comes down to economy, noise, emmisions and general performance. Featuring Etec Block on sale here online. Excellent for Evinrude® E-TEC™ factory-lean setting (replaces Evinrude XD100™ 2-Cycle Oil). hadde 200 hpdi før jeg fikk havari og endte opp med 250 etec. Additionally, acoustic foam lining along the upper cowling and lower cowl absorbs high frequency engine and driveshaft noise, resulting in Verado's best-in-class sound rating. Everything has pretty much been mentioned, the throttle pull, the fuel consumption, the easy starting. 116-124 psi compression on all 4 cylinders. DrNip Post subject: 25 hp Evinrude Etec vs 25 hp Mercury I am running a 115 Etec and all that I can get is 41. After you've ran a 4 stroke for a while, you'll find the 2 smoke noise to be irritating. Thank you for visiting our website. Yes an injector of a 4-Stroke is cheaper at $200, but I personally would much rather have the repair bill on a 10 year old ETEC that say leaned out on one cylinder than the cost of replaceing a cylinder head and block on a 4-Stroke that happened to break a timing belt at 5000RPM. 4 stroke vs. The goal is to provide experience on the new technologies Ski Doo has, and showcase the ETEC 600 engine and the 1200 4TEC 4 stroke engine. Buddies have Yamaha's and they are a great motors and thats what i wanted but it came down to cash and warranty. At idle a person can sit right in front of the motor and have a normal conversation. Dale - Please stop trashing the Yammie 250 4 stroke, it is a GREAT engine. The old two stroke smoky stuff would leave you with a headache after a day's use. tunes the engine sound to a more pleasing tone. Second , because it has 4 cylinders it has much more power than 3-cylinder 2-stroke competitors at the low and mid rpm ranges. suzuki 150 hp 4-stroke 150 hp vs marinediesel md170 barracuda 167. Not sure why some are getting better top ends than others other than props being used. Looking for a 2 noise and smoke are For the posters comparing how quite an opti vs 4-stroke, I'll just chuckle. Many are diesels outside the US. 2018 Arctic Cat Bearcat 7000 XT GS. What makes the outboard motor of the future? A choice. Not sure about economy but the 4 stroke wins with noise levels. The main difference between two and four stroke engine is that in 2 stroke engine the crankshaft revolve two times to complete its working cycle where as in 4 stroke, the crankshaft does 2 revolution to complete its working cycle. An E-TEC G2 has a claimed weight of 558 pounds (20-inch model) compared to 503 pounds for a current 3. Here's another question I believe "you" will have knowledge on. Can't say about noise as i had a 140 2 stroke so anything 4 stroke is quiet. So for me bottom line it is equal for the maintenance you can do yourself. The etec or the 1200 4 stroke. 4 Stroke vs. tested Re: ETEC vs PTEC nothing a little clutching cant fix if you want the ptek snappy feel. I am replacing a 600 etec renegade with a 900 renegade and dont think I am losing because the torque is really good with the 4 stroke . While many of the conceived disadvantages of the two stroke outboard have been answered, many of the advantages hold true today. Click for more information and pricing. 1100 4-Stroke Discussion (5/5/2011) With the big buzz revolving around Arctic Cats 1100 4-stroke engines for 2012, I recently talked with Cord Christensen, Four Stroke Engine Group Leader at Arctic Cat, about the engine and some of the elements associated with it. TEC Welding Products I, LarLu, Pilot G-Tec-C Black Micro Fine 0. The Evinrude Etec 2 stroke engines seem to be providing the best of the two worlds although is is in no way as simple as the old 2 strokes. Dan, I would go with the 4 stroke especially if you think you might keep it for a while. Definetly 2 stroke at least for the 90 hp variety. I know a few guys with the Yami F115 and they love the motor – only drawback to 4-stroke is weight and extra moving parts. The lightest 4-stroke is the 2009 Suzuki at around 340 pounds. You stroke my face, I stroke yours - So cute cat 02:13 Reham Khan Reached Jinnah Hospital to Visit Heat Stroke Patients But their is no Heat Stroke Patient in Hospital, Did sh Yamaha 4 Stroke without question. vs Suzuki or other 4 strokes. APPLICATION APPLICATION APPLICATION. Etec vs Suzuki For the record this is not a Suzuki bash or Etec cheerleading thread. I like 2 strokes and the Etec is the next motor I will buy. I think the marketing guys use the 2 stroke vs 4 stroke because there is such a marked dfference in many areas , power to weight , maintenance costs , and so on . For a list of “New Motors” currently available for sale by Harbor Vue Marina, please view below: Acadiana dealer for Alumacraft, Southfork aluminum boats,Epic Bay Boats,Go Devil engines and boats, Evinrude and Yamaha engines and service 1994 Ranger 492 VS Comanche for sale. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. ' While they have great holeshot power, four strokes have improved a lot when it comes to 'get up and go. EVINRUDE E-TEC 90 H. The pay-back is the instant two-stroke throttle response you get with an Evinrude E-TEC. On top of this you are comparing your old 55 HP Venture 2 Stroke to the 60 HP ACE mill. Shop Etec Yamaha available to buy now online. My fishing mate has a 75 e tec on a 17 ft italian boat but much lighter than petecraft. I've heard great things about 'Zukes. a bigger prop than a 4 You have probably heard how quiet a 4-stroke engine is, the E-TEC is the same way, barely audible at idle and a pleasant low tone at high speed. We offer outboard remanufactured powerheads and outboard lowerunits! We have mercury powerheads, mariner powerheads, johnson powerheads, evinrude powerheads, force powerheads, and yamaha powerheads. Start now! Etec 75hp vs Mariner 75hp 4 stroke. That says a lot about the 150 HO. Features. This means that you need to wear some hearing protection like ear plugs or mufflers. The Evinrude E-TEC™ outboard engine is analyzed in a test rig to find out the characteristics of the injector and the combustion modes the engine runs at different speeds and loads. 2 or 4 stroke « Reply #5 on: August 14, 2012, 03:57:26 AM » I still doubt it, I see a awful lot of old 2 strokes still puttin along, A saltwater comercial motor and a bass boat motor are 2 different applications. Model number E115DSLSUC. i have a 115 evinrude e tec and it will leave a same hp 4 stroke in the hole. 1200 4 stroke or 600 etec. I would greatly appreciate if you could take a few minutes and answer the Id like to see the 4 stroke boat 70 HP compete with the etec 60 HP on a 1/2 mile course from zero mph. OptiMax vs E-TEC. The 4 strokes are more involved for repairs, a lot more maintenance, and the repairs could be more than the machine is worth. * It pumps out 10 more horsepower (165 hp) than its predecessor, but its responsiveness is what really shines. A CO pulled up to chat with me the other day and his stinky old 2 smoke was gassing me out AND was loud as heck. I think 2 strokes in this size engine will out accelerate any 4 stroke hence the e-tec vs yamaha. The big thing with 4 strokes used to be noise and fuel consumption but if the major repairs exceed the fuel savings you haven't saved a thing. 6hp. The only way for it to have as much power as a 2-stroke engine would be to have a larger engine, which would make it even heavier. I have run a 150 Johnson on my first Parker, a 225 Yamaha on my second Parker, and a 90 Yamaha on my Carolina skiff. The E-TEC 60 H. better resale value is of course . You'll do oil and filter changes every year on the 4 stroke and it's a messy pain in the ass unless you pay the dealer(a lot) to do it. 4 Stroke weight motor should be heavier than a 4 stroke/3 cylinder motor with a valve train, timing gear/belts, camshaft, etc. Competitive warranty, light weight and the reliability and other benefits of a 4-stroke engine. ROTAX 850 E-TEC ENGINE: The most powerful 2-stroke engine in the industry. The lightest 90hp 2-stroke direct injection is the e-tec at around 320 pounds. I would think the etec would be quicker, but I don't know much about the merc 4 strokes. Register your email for news and special offers. Current rig has a 115 Yami, buddy has close to the same boat with an Opti. - They can be much too heavy, resulting in a lack of power and disappointment in performance. I repowered my 2520DVSC with a F250 Yamaha (four stroke). 4-stroke marine engines - Duration: 2:23. in. As far as I know, the Etec is 2stroke and the Mercury is 4 strokeother than that I'm all ears on your opinions. In this post I am going to tell you about the difference between two stroke and four stroke engines. is the eighth member of Evinrude’s high output family, which also includes 250, 225, 200, 150,135,115 and 15 HP models. Evinrude E-TEC G2 300 HP Outboard 2015 The second generation Evinrude E-TEC G2 300 horsepower outboard engine has been redesigned to deliver its power from only 210 cu. As well as potentially polluting the water, some models can produce a lot of smoke and create far higher levels of noise pollution than 4-stroke motors do. 4-tec 1200 vs. Evinrude E-TEC 150hp DI vs Latest Mercury 150hp 4 stroke If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. RC ASP Helicopter Nitro Engine 5cc to 9cc For OS Thunder Tiger YS from thunder tiger 4 stroke engines , source:picclick. Key west is the better boat. makes a distinctly two-stroke sound that’s not as sewing-machine smooth as most of the new four-strokes we’ve run this season. Well, the 4 stroke weighs about 100 lbs more than the etec. Mercury’s 2-stroke direct injection OptiMax 225 weighs 497 pounds, and BRP’s V-6 E-TEC 225-hp 2-stroke weighs 516 pounds. Get rid of both engines and plonk a new engine on the boat, either a Suzuki 90 or yamahas new 90 4 stroke, you should be good The Etec has all the benefits of a 4 stroke (fuel economy, quiet operation, low emissions) but can do some unique things because it is a two stroke. , while still complying with EPA 3 Star and European Union emission regulations. And the repairs will be inexpensive. I also thought about getting an Etec. As we know 2stroke ignition each cycle 4 stroke is ignited every second It can not be compared If you compare 2 with 4stroke take 30percent to get the same thrust. The general consensus seems to be that at idle 4 strokes make less noise than 2 strokes and at higher speeds that evens out. 4-stroke and 2-stroke is not the same and are very much different, not comparable 2 to 4 stroke. The 4 stroke is so much quieter that it allows everyone on the boat to hear each other talk without having to raise your voice at all. 2 strokes are exactly the opposite and in the case of the E-TEC you will get have a 1999 Evinrude 4 stroke motor model # E50pl455 I can't seem to match up with any model # - Clymer Evinrude/Johnson 5-70 Hp question 2 Stroke vs 4 We put 40Hp Yamaha vs Etec vs Suzuki side by side on identical boats to bust a few myths about which brand is best for you in the 40Hp range. Most all of the bugs have been figured out and since the introduction of the new style injectors in late '08, they are pretty trouble free as long as you feed them clean fuel. ' They are less noisy (Etec may have improved that), four strokes are more fu Shindaiwa C-4 because of EPA requiring lower emissions and noise it's on the market. Over the years the two strokes are being 'phased out. I didn't want to pen this short report until I had racked a few klicks on the 800 E-TEC which arrived here on Tuesday afternoon. Select Evinrude Outboard Test Model Stroke Displacement Fuel consumption WOT Boat owner? My 4 stroke Yamaha T50 has 4 carbureters which makes tuning it a dealer's job. Subject: 50hp Evinrude E-Tec(2stroke) vs. repowering a 171 angler. The new stuff, whether 2-stroke, 4-mix, or 4-stroke really doesn't smoke or smell much. Throw in the Yamaha dealer network and it is an absolute home run. 00 2016 Mercury Injected, Inch Fuel 25 4 Stroke, Motor 2016 115 Mercury Outboard Shaft, 2016 Mercury New Mercury 90elpt Efi 4s Outboard With 3 Year Warranty Manf. As far as maintainence I can do it all myself easily. com Motor and Engine Parts and Accs Thunder Tiger Ek 4 Pro 120 from thunder tiger 4 stroke engines , source:pinterest. Mine have been super reliable as in no Outboard fuel efficiency: 2-strokes vs. Light and powerful, they sport 1-liter displacement, single-overhead-camshaft designs and electronic fuel injection. They also had a greater than three-fold risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke and other major cardiovascular events, compared with people who had lower levels of noise exposure, according to the study. General Discussion Tolman Skiffs » 60hp Etec vs 70hp Yamaha . 3mm - 12 Pack Gel Pen , Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve, Small - amazon. from past experiece on a super 15hp Mariner, but would be interested in anyones experience with the small bore e-tecs. the injection oil constantly added to the Ski-Doo. new 4 stroke There is a slight difference in the gear reduction so the wide open RPM can go either way depending on load and bottom type of boat. A downfall of the 4-stroke engine is that it is heavier, because there are more parts that make it go. Tom, thanks for your info :) > >Is an Etec 150 quieter as a Yamaha 150 4 stroke? How about fuel use? I > >guess is the same. Select Evinrude Outboard Test Model Stroke Displacement Fuel consumption WOT Boat owner? The E-TEC will deliver of 20 mpg and produces exactly double the output of the ACE. no first hand experience on the etech But Ive got a 16 foot jon (lund 1652) that has a 40/30 4 stroke Yami, and the boat works great. 2018 Ski-Doo Skandic SWT 600 H. The 2 stroke will be faster easier to fix, simple maintenance. Occasionally, 2-stroke motors can be difficult to start, which can cause some issues for anglers if they are a long way from civilisation. RE: New 2 stroke vs. de Innovative RC MT4 Chassis covers mercury marine 40 50 60 efi 4 stroke outboards s n 0t409000 and up E Tec,Striker Jones And The Midnight Archer Volume 2,How Math Explains The 2016 Mercury 115 Fuel Injected, 4 Stroke, 25 Inch Shaft, Outboard Motor - $8,495. Evinrude E-Tec vs. I am running a 17 pitch prop that is 13 3/4" in diameter. looking a little compare evinrude 115 hp v4 e-tec 115 hp vs honda 105 hp jet drive 105 hp Since a 2 stroke has twice as many firing strokes per 1000 revs than a 4 stroke but each power stroke is less efficient, the two have quite different power characteristics

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